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name: jordan
age: 19
sex: male
location: nj

reason you claim edge: i used to drink and smoke occasionally and i realized i dont need it to have a good time and if i dont need it then y should i do it when it just destroys ur body.

do you think self-mutilation is something those who claim edge should abstain from? (not including body modification processes): i think everyone should abstain from self mutilation.

do you think that abstaining from caffiene should be part of being sXe?: no. caffiene doesn't ruin lives.

what about animal products? (meat, dairy, etc.): no. straight edge was created as dont drink dont smoke dont fuck. i hate when ppl try to add shit to it.

name 5 bands you like:
1. shockwave
2. underoath
3. tool
4. at the drive-in
5. bury your dead

name your 5 favourite movies:
1. garden state
2. gladiator
3. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
4. fight club
5. blow

your pet peeves: i have a slight case of OCD so a lot. but mostly fake ppl like ppl that try really hard to be "scene" and shit. and girls i know that claim theyre edge and have a lot of edge tattoos and wont even drink caffeine but then they fuck every guy they meet. premiscuous sex part is just as big as the rest of it.

how long have you been straight edge?: only a few weeks because when i decided i wanted to i thought it best to give it a few months to decide its what i really want because it is for life.

if someone breaks edge, can they claim it again?: fuck no.

(please post at least one picture of yourself.)

getting my lip done by the one and only dave quiggle of xdisciplex ad, shockwave, and jesus wept

about to stage dive during throwdown's set at hellfest.

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