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name: Evan
age: 14
sex: male
location: NH

reason you claim edge: Because i dont want to die younge :)

do you think self-mutilation is something those who claim edge should abstain from? (not including body modification processes):if you mean slitting you wrist i dont like it myself. but if you mean tatoos rock on bro haha.

do you think that abstaining from caffiene should be part of being sXe?: yes because it can get addicting.

what about animal products? (meat, dairy, etc.): Yeah i eat meat.

name 5 bands you like:
2.Norma Jean
4.The Blood Brothers
5.Mercury Switch

name your 5 favourite movies:
1.Farris buller days off
2.Breakfast club
3.Stand by me
4.all of the back to the futuer's
5. teenage muntant ninga turtles

your pet peeves:tapping my feet, biting my nails, making weird noises haha, and touching things


how long have you been straight edge?: a year or a year & a half

if someone breaks edge, can they claim it again?: no haha simple


hahahah boredom

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