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My lovely application.

name: Nadia
age: 19
sex: Gal.
location: San Francisco, California

reason you claim edge: Unknowingly, I claimed edge when I was about 7 when my sisters were busy getting fucked up with their gang. I promised myself I would never do anything harmful to my body when I was older. I never really realized the promise I made when I was 7 would grow into something more. I claim edge because I choose to abstain from behavior that can have extremely dangerous consequences to ourselves (physically and mentally) and to others. I've never been interested in consuming alcohol, using drugs, smoking, or being permiscuous. There are more fun things to do, really.

do you think self-mutilation is something those who claim edge should abstain from? (not including body modification processes): I think that self-mutilation is part of something much bigger than the choice to be straight edge. More often than not, the people who self-mutilate suffer from intense psychological issues and I feel I have no right to judge whether or not they should claim to be edge if they do it. Let's just get them help, yeah?

do you think that abstaining from caffiene should be part of being sXe?: It's not absolutely necessary to me. I think the effects from alcohol/drugs/smoking are more dangerous than caffiene.

what about animal products? (meat, dairy, etc.): I'm a vegetarian, but not because I'm edge. I've been a vegetarian since conception haha. I do not believe animals should be killed recreationally and the inhumane way animals are kept in order to later be swallowed is cruel.

name 5 bands you like:
1. Brand New
2. Circa Survive
3. The Hush Sound
4. This Providence
5. Tegan & Sara

name your 5 favourite movies:
1. Music From Another Room
2. Me and You and Everyone We Know
3. The First Wive's Club
4. To Wong Foo
5. Things To Do

your pet peeves: Children on myspace who infest their About Me's with "OMG I love my boyfriend so much I can't live without him he's my world I don't know how to properly punctuate my sentences and I say LOL all the time."

how long have you been straight edge?: Consciously since I was 7.

if someone breaks edge, can they claim it again?: I think it's a decision an individual has to make. We cannot decide for someone else whether or not they can "claim" to be sXe again if they've broken edge.


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