DJ Shepherd (shepherdofhate) wrote in beautiful_sxe,
DJ Shepherd


name: DJ Shepherd
age: 15
sex: Male
location: Florida

reason you claim edge:
I like the way my lungs work now without loading them with pollutants. I don't drink because lifes already full of fucking up. Why make it easier? I don't do drugs because i like the way my brain functions. Casual sex? Wait till you're married. I'm edge because I'm just too pure to die.

do you think self-mutilation is something those who claim edge should abstain from? (not including body modification processes): If this is about cutting yourself because you're depressed, then yes. If you're straight edge, you're pure, as should your body be.

do you think that abstaining from caffiene should be part of being sXe?:
Yes, I do, because it is definately addictive. BE stronger than addiction.
what about animal products? (meat, dairy, etc.):
That is a personal choice. I am a vegetarian, but for the reason of keeping healthy.
name 5 bands you like:
1. Nevea Tears
2. Too Pure To Die
3. Killwhitneydead
4. xGood Clean Funx
5. Death Before Dishonor

name your 5 favourite movies:
1. Fight Club
2. American History X
3. Carlito's Way
4. Saw
5. Gladiator

your pet peeves:
People that offer me cigarettes when they know I'm edge.

how long have you been straight edge?:
Several Months

if someone breaks edge, can they claim it again?:
Yes, they can because if you realize your mistakes in life and make an effort to erase them, then you are smarter than most.
(please post at least one picture of yourself.)
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