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my application.

name: Monica
age: 18 years young
sex: Female
location: Calumet City, IL

reason you claim edge: I claim edge for many reasons. I claim it for myself and the people I love. I believe in what straightedge stands for. I don't mind labeling myself for the good.

do you think self-mutilation is something those who claim edge should abstain from? (not including body modification processes): Self mutilation is a coping mechanism that many people use to get through hard times. I know from experience how hard it is to stop after one has already begun. I believe that EVERYONE should obstain from self mutilation, but I don't think that it should be looked down upon by the straightedge community.

do you think that abstaining from caffiene should be part of being sXe?: no, i do not.

what about animal products? (meat, dairy, etc.): no

name 5 bands you like:
1. thursday
2. the dresden dolls
3. the horrorpops
4. the blood brothers
5. the bravery

name your 5 favourite movies:
1. the life of david gale
2. reservoir dogs
3. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
4. girl, interrupted
5. seven

your pet peeves: i hate it when people lie, and especially when i fall for it.

how long have you been straight edge?: my freshmen year in high school - 4 years ago.

if someone breaks edge, can they claim it again?: yes. I see no reason to put someone down and say "no you can't be edge, you messed up". People are trying (and sometimes failing) to better themseleves, and I let them


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